He was born in Utrera, in number 13 of the shutters of the New Street, where there was always many Flemish holiday and very much singing. It was there where he began to sing, continuing in the bar of its father “The Point”, where every day there were sprouting singings of keen gullets that were coming from workpeople of the municipal slaughterhouse and of the field. Soon it began doing its first performances.

With 21 years he began singing for the dance. In that epoch, it met the one that today is its wife the bailaora Carmen Lozano who was dancing in the Flemish tablao The Roosters, in Seville and across her it met the people who supported it and proposed to him to sing in the tablao. From there The Native of Cordoba happened to the Flemish tablao, in Barcelona where the one that would be its wife it was acting and Rafael was accompanying it on its singing. And since then he began singing for
figures as Cristina Hoyos, Joaquín Cortes, Andalusian Company of Dance, Israel Galván, Farruquito, Eva “The Yerbabuena”, Carmen Cortés, Manuela Carrasco and others.

It had the honor of accompanying to guitars like that of Tomatito, Gerardo Núñez, José Antonio Rodríguez, Vicente Amigo and to the Teacher Paco de Lucía. Also to accompanied to the pianist David Peña Dorante.

Cristina Hoyos was determinant for its career, she offered him a good place in its Company as cantaor.
It gave him its support and unconditional fondness in hard moments of the profession.

Its career is very intense but it has been in the latter years when it is giving massive steps. He thinks that to sing for the dance or alone, places trust and ease and there are different facets that it is necessary to spend.
It has gained the contest of the Flemish Festival of Nimes (France). He sings in the cycle “The Fleming Viene del Sur” in the Central Theater in Seville, sharing cartel with Estrella Morente.
To speak about its artistic influences we cannot think about only one figure. For having grown up in Utrera, it might name perrate, Manuel de Angustia, Enrique Montoya, Fernanda … Other figures that have influenced significantly what now is can be; Luis Torre “Joselero“, Juan Talega, Joaquín that of Paula, Antonio
Mairena, Chocolate, The Sevillian one, Marchena, Manolo Caracol, Shrimp, etc.

Lucía's Paco listened to speak about Rafael de Utrera to a few friends. Of that time Paco of Lucid proposed a tour to him, something extraordinary. It was a world tour, they covered Europe, Asia, the United States and Alaska. They acted in theaters replete with public with four and five thousand spectators. The foreign public takes real admiration and curiosity as the Fleming, they respect it and study it like privilege of few ones. To sing for Paco, interpreting Shrimp topics is the biggest thing that Rafael could dream. He interpreted these topics to its way, he never tried to imitate the inimitable thing.

Rafael de Utrera has collaborated on discs of numerous artists as for example, José Mercé, José Antonio Rodríguez, Child of Pure, the documentary of the life of Paco of Lucid, the last disc of Vicente Amigo along with Alejandro Sanz, Enrique Morente and Girl Pastori between others and a recent collaboration, with the band Metropol of Holland, under the direction Vince Mendoza, where called “Project Lorca recorded a live disc”.

It has gained the First prize of Seguiriyas in the Contest of Singing of the Mines in The Union.Rafael de Utrera to realized spectacles alone with big success for America and Europe and at present in addition to accompanying the teacher Vicente Amigo, one of the most important guitarists at present, is fighting for its career alone, with very important projects, and the recording of its disc that was provided with big collaborations.