José Quevedo "El Bola" (Jerez 1974) began playing at age 14 with teachers as Jose Angel Lupión, Manuel Lozano "El Carbonero" and José Luis Balao. At 19 he moved to Madrid and start playing for dancers like Joaquin Grilo, Manuela Carrasco, La Yerbabuena, Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Rafael de Carmen, Belen Fernandez, Tati, Beatriz Martin, Javier Barón, Juan Ramirez, etc., and singers like El Indio Gitano, Ramón The Portuguese, Esperanza Fernandez, El Pele, Archangel, Miguel Poveda, Capullo de Jerez ... receive the second prize at the International Guitar Competition of the Peña Flamenca "The Kestrels". Currently working with Marina Heredia, Argentina and Carmen Grilo. It also continues its active work with instrumental band UHF (Ultra High Flamenco), with Paquito González, Alexis Lefevre and Pablo Martín-Caminero, with whom she has two albums released: UHF (2007) and Bipolar (2011) As a guitarist composer and producer has worked in Argentina (2006)

Mine Egypt (2009) A Trip by Sing (2012) of the singer Onubense Argentina, La voz del agua (2007) Synergy 2014, Marina (2010) and My Tempo (2013) Marina Heredia, My first Cantes ( 2011) the young singer and arteSano Kiko Peña (2012) the Catalan singer Miguel Poveda.

He is currently preparing the third album of the UHF "Ultra High Flamenco" Banda and alternates his work as producer and guitarist for other artists with his solo career with his new album "Flow" and part of "Wadiatma" project, middle-east and Spanish musicians.