An active musician since 2006. Playing and mastering various string instruments such as all types of guitars, kopoz, oud, tanbur, dotar and

Mastering the traditional music and theory (makam system) from central Asia (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey) and Iran.

At the year of 2006 studied at the "Rimon school of Jazz and contemporary music", in the jazz department with the best masters in Israel.

A founder of various musicals projects like the ensemble "Diwan Saz". An international ensemble that participate in festivals all over the world.

Worked with Ross-Daly, Peretz and Mark Elyau ,Erkan Ogur ,Amir Sha'asar and many more.

These days working on his duo song-writer project together with the Cello player and singer Hadas Kleinman (Asaf Avidan, The voice Israel ,Shlomo Artzi etc…). An original music Project arranged played and written by the two of them . These days they are recording their Second duo album.