Itamar Doari - Percussion  Rafael De Utrera - Vocal 

José Quevedo "Bolita" - Guitar  Paquito Gonzalez - Percussion 

Aviv Bahar - Kopuz, Oud, Guitar, Vocal   Shai Maestro - Piano


The ensemble WadiAtma creates a rare and unique combination of original and traditional music from the Middle East and Flamenco from Spain. Six instrumental virtuosos embark on an exciting and enchanted musical journey that integrates singing, guitar, oud, kapuz, piano and a variety of percussion instruments, together creating endless layers of captivating, exhilarating sounds. Pulse and Rhythm are the heart of this musical voyage.

The name of the ensemble combines the word ‘soul’ (‘Atma’ in Sanskrit) and ‘valley’ (‘Wadi’ – originated in Arabic and later evolved into Spanish through Andalusia); describing best their encounter on stage: “The Valley of the Souls".

Souls of nomads wander in this enchanted valley – those of the gypsies that invented the Flamenco, and those of nations and tribes from the Middle East. The wanderers shift from one place to another, enriching their spirits and moving on to share their stories and melodies with other places and people. The ensemble carries a wandering spirit, while moving from the valleys of Andalusia to endless deserts. It embodies the vast wealth that these traveling encounters offer – subtle and sacred moments of limitless possibilities.

The wandering spirit characterizes the life and creation of the ensemble’s initiator, percussion artist Itamar Doari, who traveled the world with leading musical ensembles for several years. From his early childhood Doari was exposed to a variety of musical traditions – Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian and Bedouin, alongside Western influences. His travels through different places and diverse musical traditions, as part of a perpetual journey of self discovery, made him a master and innovator in his field.

WadiAtma project was created as a result of combining the rich musical world of each ensemble member. Doari first met with the members of WadiAtma for rehearsals in Spain, where he encountered some of the greatest Flamenco masters of the last decades, in order to create their first concert. The concert took place in Jerusalem in September 2015, as a first step in a new journey of mutual travels and surprising discoveries.